Getting Married Tomorrow!!

Wow…time sure does fly.

Geoff and I will be tying the knot tomorrow at Colman Park, it is supposed to be a beautiful day and I am so excited to see everyone! I have family coming from Chicago, New Jersey, and even San Diego, Portland, and I am so so excited, yes a little tired today but mostly just excited!

We are tying up last minute details today (and looking at a new daycare…I know it’s crazy) and then tomorrow we’re just rolling with it! Geoff and I are sharing a document that has at least 20 to-do items on the list and we’ll be getting started pretty soon…we know we will get a chance to rest after wards when we fly to….BELIZE!!

We are doing this wedding the way they used to be done…we will be leaving the reception in a car to go directly to the airport and catch our flight which leaves at 12:55 to Texas and then from there to Belize…we will be staying out on one of the cayes with a lovely couple we’ve already communicated with who rent out apartments they have for very very reasonable rates.

Currently the RSVP count is at 135, we are so so excited….now time to get on with the day! I need to pick up my dress and we need to get rings, table clothes, and so so much more!

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