How To Get Money Fast?

Free flow thought post here…I need to make some money as soon as possible. I just realized that some pictures of my daughter are available for me to purchase for a mere couple days and I don’t have the money to buy them!

I got some money a few weeks ago, and I remember being excited about being able to take care of things like ordering these pictures…did I remember to order them at that point though? No I didn’t…that part of the money went to gas I believe.

Thinking thinking thinking…ok I’m going to go check Craigslist.

I’m also looking into (I’ll add to this as I think of stuff…some links are affiliate though only for things I myself am also looking or have looked into!):

    1.) Selling my hair at it’s pretty long so I think its worth quite a bit! Would take a lot of growing to get it back though…

    2.) Checking out Cash Crate which was recommended to me from a trusted source. I’ll write another post about what I think after I check it out. Impressive Payment Wall by users…not convinced its quick though it’s definitely working for some people!

    –UPDATE: I took a quick look and wasn’t super impressed, they have a nice design but I’m really not interested in the surveys or inviting all my friends to join which is what they seem to push. I DO however like INBOX PAYS because I have figured out a system for them which is basically to filter the email I get, and check it every 1-3 days or so and then just click on each email to get 5-15 cents usually. It is obviously not a lot, but I figure if I’m checking email anyway or maybe waiting in line somewhere might as well make a few cents. Panda Research is another one that I use this technique with. I haven’t figured out how to do any of the survey’s with these programs without taking up way too much time and dealing with way too many pop-ups so if you figure it out let me know!

I’ll keep blogging like crazy on all my blogs for ad revenue in the away!

What sites have jobs/gigs that pay via paypal? Please post any suggestions you have in the comments…

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