Getting Ready to Move

Oh how bittersweet it is to be moving…

It was close to two years ago when we moved into our home where I am as I type up this post. It was about three years ago when my husband started the long hard job of making it a “family friendly” place to live. At that point it was already mid-renovation (it was going to be this awesome bachelor pad at that point) and lacked things like drywall, a sink, (aside from in the bathroom) and that sort of thing. Imagine a workshop (wood/car) that was all kind of hacked together with basic wood pieces, and ‘stuff’ kind of piled around.

Over that year, 2008, my husband and I became engaged, married, and pregnant. I have very fond memories of coming to visit him (he was here almost every day slaving over the project) during that HOT summer with Kenzie and dreaming of how wonderful it would be to have a garden, a home, no landlord, and to build our life together.

That was also the year that I lost my job, so money was tight to say the least. Almost immediately decisions had to be made about whether my limited unemployment check would go towards paying rent at the apartment where we were residing on Alki or towards the mortgage payments on the house. We decided to keep paying rent as it was the place where we were actually able to reside through the most intense parts of renovating the interior of the house.

Late 2010 and the earlier part of this year 2011 things were finally starting to get better financially, jobs weren’t exactly steady but they keep coming, and we were finally in a position to apply for loan modification. We delayed foreclosure in the fall of 2010 using bankruptcy and by now (spring so a few months ago) we got another notice. Bad information led us to believe the sale would be postponed and loan modification was being looked at though it became clear as we saw our house being announced at the auction that this wasn’t the case. Long story short we have to leave our home.

We have found an absolutely lovely place to move to, it is a finished house and even has some chicken coops, something that I had been planning on doing here at our house at some point in addition to lots of lovely yard space for the kids and vegetable gardens. It really is a dream come true.

Moving will take place over the next few weeks, and by few I mean 1-3. As excited as I am about the new place I am still having a hard time with the thought of leaving this one. I love Columbia City. I have made a lot of friends in the area as has Kenzie through her first year at school as a kindergartener. I love my garden, as messy and overgrown as it is at this point. I love the memories and feelings of love seeping from every little corner of this house which was literally designed, built, and filled with the love of our family over the years. I love my bathtub.

Standing in the bathtub taking a shower is what led me to writing this blog post. I realized that as far as “parts” of the house that I am most attached to, the bathtub is hands down the most precious to me. My kids love to play in it, I like to take a bath in it (though I don’t very often) and I remember when early in the renovation process we almost lost it. When I say lost it I mean that my husband almost gave it away not knowing that I liked it so much. Fortunately I was able to stop him and it has been what I consider the diamond of the ring that our house represents in a way.

When I was getting ready to give birth to Zazen, I imagined laboring in the tub, it turned out to be a fantasy as I did not do this, ironically I did not even feel the urge to get into water at any point during labor, but I always imagined it being a part of the process and it was. I practiced squatting in it, and taking on different labor positions throughout my pregnancy and had things worked out differently he likely would have been born into that tub. At some point family expressed a desire to move us out of the house before baby came, which I was vehemently opposed to for this reason. I wanted to have him at home, and this is what I consider home to be for us.

So while I look forward to the big safe yard, the chickens, the new people I will be meeting I will always have happy memories of our tumultuous first few years as a family.

I might have to see if we can maybe keep that bathtub…

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