Getting Started With Consignment

I haven’t ever sold anything through consignment before. I think the closest thing I have participated in was selling things through a local franchise (now out of business) that I had a terrible experience with, probably because I was comparing their efforts to sell with mine from way back in my PowerSeller days….

For this first time consignment experience though I am going to a store that I love, I mean LOVE to shop at called Funky Janes in West Seattle. I can’t shop there now because I am pregnant, but I fully intend to shop there again once I can get into regular clothes!

I haven’t become attached to any maternity consignment stores but I’m on the lookout…I have heard of a few but haven’t had any good experiences yet. Friends so far are the best source of used clothes of this kind, probably because it’s easier to judge whose clothes/style will be likely to fit!

I am a little nervous. What if I don’t package them properly or they aren’t folded well enough? What ever happens I will learn though…it’s exciting too!

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