Gift of Dahlias…

Yesterday I started a new 29 Gifts cycle with planting some bulbs…some surprise Dahlia bulbs that I’m hoping will spread and flower over the next year. Really I hope they sprout this year but I just came across this article about planting bulbs when I was doing research and apparently fall is a better time to do this…so we will see what happens!

Giving the gift felt good, even if the person who once expressed this “wish” might not even remember doing so, I’m hoping that it will be an abundant surprise of blooms that appear, and of course I hope she likes them. No guarantees but it was fun to go on kind of a guerrilla planting mission with baby Z on my back.

I still have some more bulbs…I have tuberose as well as some lily bulbs that I am not sure where I want to put. I haven’t decided if they’ll be free and in the ground somewhere or safely contained in a pot somewhere…

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