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Putting to words what I’m feeling about this wall/immigrant blocking that our alleged president is trying to do, brings me to realizing how much knowing people from other countries have made me who “I” am. I simply wouldn’t be who I am today if all the friends I have had weren’t allowed to be here.

As a child I had a nanny from Austria, and then in elementary school penpals from France and some other countries in europe. I learned about Judaism from a boy in my class at school, who also brought in his pet Chinchilla (pretty cool!). My first time hanging out and watching sports (basketball) was with some friends I met at school from Saudi Arabia. My first time going out to breakfast with a friend was with a friend from Brazil. Moving to New York at 18 I can hardly count the number of places I met people from, it was great! A friend from Panama met me at the airport and helped me get moved into the dorms. It makes me sad to think that we as a country are trying to “other” ourselves from the world, because there is so much to learn, and grow from that is from the people we haven’t met yet. I could go on and on about more people, when I tried to make a list of the countries that I could remember influential people from that I have been so lucky to meet I got overwhelmed and hesitated to even try to list them all because I wanted to publish this as soon as I could.

Discrimination against immigration and people from other places is wrong. Building a wall to keep people out is something I can NEVER support. This is because I know that together we are stronger, and a lot more interesting.

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