Going on an Adventure!!

We live on a small private road that has recently had a few feral kittens running around, I’ve seen at least 3 of them. They are very cute, and most of the time terrified of us, not letting us come anywhere near them, as feral cats do. This morning, on my way out of the house walking to my car…one of the kittens, a small black and white one was crouched down by my car, and it stayed there, until I got just a few feet away, which is when he/she ran under another car.

The day continued and I went to a meeting with my husband to discuss business building type things, then we took our daughter from her grandmother, they were standing on the street just outside our house and the topic of conversation completely changed once we walked toward the house…the kitten was quietly crouched right by our front door.

Then..the cat didn’t run away, it only went about a yard away, and my husband put a little bit of food out for it.

We noticed it wasn’t eating it, yet was staying there…so we talked about getting it fixed maybe keeping it checking for diseases etc.

My husband then took our cats crate and easily put the kitten in.

After a few phone calls, we’re about to go pick up our four year old for an adventure up to the clinic we found that will help with a trap, test, alter, then either adopt or release….

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