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Did you ever think you would tell this to your kids? Well I didn’t either. Unfortunately I know how hard it can be to find people that you love and care about. I know that people can be lost and never found. Why? Because I have moved so damn much and lost touch with people.

Why am I teaching my kids how to google my name? Because I care about their rights. I care about Human Rights, I care about Women’s Rights, and I will stand the F*** up for those rights. I know people now who have lost their kids for this too…talk about being fucking disturbing.

So yeah, I literally sat down with my kids tonight, and talked them through googling my name, so that if anyone ever took them away from me, they would have a way to find me. Honestly I’m tempted to reach out to all the other “Kristin Bennett”‘s so that we can exchange contact information for this reason. I want to know that my kids can find me NO MATTER WHAT. Say the apocalypse happens, I want them to be able to find a computer and FIND ME, even if there is just phones to operators with a computer to talk to, to be able to tell the to “Google Kristin Bennett” is important. I see what happened to MLK, Gandi and to John Lennon, and I am not messing around, I want my kids to know what is up if it goes down. I also told them to google strawberrytech like technology (in case some moron tries to do “strawberry teck” or something).

Damn it I wish that people weren’t fighting so hard against equal rights, makes it so freaking crazy to live here in the US.

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