Great New Maternity Photos!!

I had the pleasure of having Chaia come over from Rae Photography to do our first round of Maternity pictures about a week or so ago, here are some of my favorites…they all link to her site of course too if you want to get some photos done too!

About halfway through pregnancy...

I like that I still don't look too big yet in this picture 🙂

Baby Number Three...Wonder Who He/She Will Be....

Every pregnancy is certainly different, and this one for me is exciting because we are not finding out the sex of the baby…at least not yet.

Kenzie first said she wanted it to be a boy, now she wants another sister, it changes each day, and we are having fun with it. Girls love resting their head on my belly and we are all excited for them to be able to feel the moving the way I do.

We had a great time and are talking about doing a few more shoots before baby “?” comes into the world…so stay tuned if you want to see! If you sign up through the “Join Me” link upper right of this screen you’ll get notified of all the new posts once a week.

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