Growing up…

Kenzie has this dress, she absolutely loves it and if she could wear it every day she would! She has explained to me many many times, that she needs to wear it because she has not married “C” (a boy in her class) yet. So sweet! I let her wear it unless it is really dirty maybe 2 times a week, it gets dirty a lot so this hasn’t been too difficult of an agreement. Today though, I was so sad when I saw what she was putting herself through! Now I don’t know if this is every day for sure, but it sure seemed like it! She and I walked into the classroom and right away a boy, I think the one she likes, says, “Why are you wearing that dress AGAIN, you wore it YESTERDAY” and other kids start pitching in saying “Yeah, why do you wear that dress so much” “Why are you wearing it again” and so forth…she didn’t react except was quiet and held the door open so I could go. I suppose this is an important learning experience about ‘social norms’ and what is appropriate, she might not understand how mean they are being, she didn’t cry or anything, but (sniff!) it’s hard to not feel like i need to protect her. I do think it is good she’s learning the natural consequences though. Next time I probably will bring an extra dress she can change into if she likes.

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2 Responses to Growing up…

  1. Audrey says:

    Aww, that's so sweet/sad! Good for you for letting her learn her own lessons though, I bet that must have been so tough…

  2. Kimby says:

    Of course it was forgotten by the time I picked her up…lol.

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