Health Care??

So…who has figured all this out? My COBRA is running out days from now…research from about two weeks ago basically led to knowing we could insure the family, but that I am uninsurable due to MS, mostly because of the prescription cap on coverage that covers about one month of my biggest prescription which would leave me paying full price the rest of the year which I don’t have the budget for currently.

I could be in a group plan as those plans don’t have the prescription cap, but that means getting a job, either me or Geoff and putting all my Medical Analytics, Moms With MS and our other startup work on hold and potentially being sucked back into the 9-5 hamster wheel of giving up on our dreams.

I have been on hold now for over twenty minutes with a company USAA has connected me with called Assurant, something about that seems familiar, we will see how it goes!!

Ok assurance plans sound like they would be unaffordable with me paying for half my prescriptions, will be discussing options with someone there about insuring the family.

They were very useful however in mentioning possibilities around my non-profit in development and finding out about group plans…lots of research to do.

Next i called nasro who I found online…will be talking to a broker there tomorrow afternoon….

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