Health Insurance Update 9/30/2010

I found the site, I think this is what I thought might help me.

My COBRA runs out today and we haven’t found extension or alternative options yet that include me yet.

Shared Solutions is helping me to keep getting my costly medication which is a main concern for my care and we are talking to a variety of brokers still about our options family-wise.

Seems like what we really need to do is get one of our businesses off the ground with a group plan!

So with this new health care reform, I can be covered in six months with my Multiple Sclerosis.

Have we thought about just regulating the cost of these drugs at all? My prescription costs over $4,500 at Safeway last time I checked…part of the problem with insurance plans I have available is the low cap on prescriptions and high deductible leaving us with thousands to pay almost right away considering all my specialist needs, pretty wild!!

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