Hello North Seattle!!

Checking out the 'hood

Checking out the 'hood

North Seattle is the name of this new chapter in life we are beginning…

Up until this point I had only lived on the east, south, and west sides of Seattle. North Seattle was something that always kind of freaked me out..it was just SO far away.

I think that the reason that I felt like it was so far away, was based on traffic that I consistently ran into whenever I ventured to this part of the city which was largely in part to the intersections of major highways/freeways like I-5, I-90, and 520.

Anyway. Now I’m in North Seattle and I’m slowly getting to know it, so far I am enjoying our new home very much. I love having a big yard that the kids can play in and sharing it with a family that is very friendly as well. Kenzie is enjoying her new job of collecting the chickens eggs in the morning and Hazel is enjoying following her big sister and trying to do everything in the world that she does (I think its adorable but Kenzie doesn’t always think so!!) class=”alignnone size-full” />

I can make my pupils change size...

I can make my pupils change size...

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