Hello Second Trimester!!

Ok I’m psyched, today I feel more ‘alive’ than I have in a long time, it could be for a variety of reasons, including:

1.) Today is my second day in the 16th week of pregnancy, maybe it’s my second trimester getting started a little late?

2.) I finally started taking iron supplements a few days ago, maybe I was a bit anemic up until now?

3.) I successfully blew a LOT of boogers out of my nose today, perhaps I’m actually finally almost done with this long lasting cold?

Whatever the reason, I’m grateful. I just submitted 4 articles to Yahoo for publishing (used to be Associated Content) that once published will appear on my profile HERE and of course in the RSS feed you can see on this site as well. I have been wanting and meaning to write for many days but have been so utterly exhausted that just standing at my computer exhausted me, I even felt a bit dizzy last Monday after writing a brief email and had to go sit down.

I hope that tomorrow is another day like today or really I mean I hope that next year is FULL of days like today, I really like feeling productive and like I can actually do more than just sit on the couch and knit, as much as I love knitting I do want more in my life.

Now that we’re in the late afternoon I am starting to wind down a bit, so stay safe and enjoy New Years Eve!!

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