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Getting this site started as the central location for all that I’m up to!! I’m not quite a Jane of all trades…just a handful of my favorites 🙂 I’ve created this for anyone who is curious as well as a resource to me to be able to find and track all that I am up to. I also have a more personal blog site set up at StrawberryTechMama.com. I think this all stemmed from feedback from lots of places suggesting I should write a book…this is what I think makes sense as a step in that direction. Recently I founded MomsWithMS.com which is currently a community which I hope to turn into more of an information resource and network as welll. Also currently I’m involved with Arbonne, Trump Network, as well as Passion Parties, I’ve created a page for each of these that you can access through the links on the top part of this screen. On those pages you can sign up for more information as well. I recently discovered Etsy as well and I am hoping to get some of my artwork up there and active as well…currently I only have things up on cafepress for my illustrations, paintings, and momswithms images.

About Kristin

Thank you for taking the time to read this page. If you have enjoyed what you have read please take the time to share and you can join me on my journey. The icons above are all the ways you can share what you have read and the "Join Me" link is in the top menu. Let's make this the best year we have had yet!!
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