Hobby Lobby Locally? No Not Me!!!

Alright, so I held off about talking about this whole, Hobby Lobby thing, or at least MAYBE it seems like it from my blog. Seriously though. I was referencing my stories, experiences and more in response to a number of other articles out there.

For the record I am one of the women who has in the past used an IUD. I used it because as far as I knew at the time it was my only option. See, I was diagnosed with a STROKE at 18. When one is diagnosed with a stroke at 18, it tends to not be a natural thing, and my professor level doctors determined it likely that it was due to my BIRTH CONTROL (yes, one of the kinds generally accepted by Hobby Lobby) combined with a hole in my heart that a huge number of the adult population has (I think it was 1/3 or 1/4? or about 1 in 5 according to the Cleveland Clinic) called a patent foramen ovale. They basically said that that plus my birth control probably caused my stroke, and so since then there is virtually NO doctor that will come CLOSE to me with a prescription for a hormonal birth control option. For a number of years I had one of those copper IUDs. SO…need I say that I will NOT be shopping at the local Hobby Lobby opening up like, a mile from where I live? At least not until this whole thing is undone/erased/obliterated from human history? I hope not…I’ll still be checking out Craftsy though and finding ways to make to with what I have. Cheers!

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