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Hazel is riding Mommy all around the house...

Hazel is riding Mommy all around the house...

Today is a great day, I feel fulfilled, happy, secure, and hell, it just feels like a good day!! Daddy went south for a business meeting after a great phone interview, and this morning after dropping off big sister Kenzie at school Hazel and Mommy went off to DSHS to see if we could qualify for some Emergency Childcare Assistance. We found out that that whole process was done differently now and got some papers to fill out and mail from home. This means that I followed the instructions given and K can still keep going to her school. I moved my computer up on top of a dresser, which I think is part of what is making me so happy, and called the pound…poor kitty died, which is very unfortunate but at least he was with some loving people.

Now I’m home still, and Hazel is with me, she slept most of the morning while I wore her in the moby carrier, and I got so much done! I wrote a review for the wonderful rescue shelter/boutique that we found HERE which hasn’t been published yet, but hopefully will be by the time you click that link ;-). I also have been getting all my memberships set up on a variety of networking sites for women/mothers/entrepreneurs with the main purpose of spreading awareness of my recent project of Moms With MS. I am determined at some point to write and publish a book of my story or stories to help other people facing hard times regarding relationships, diagnosis with a chronic disease etc.

Hazel and I are having a blast and I think it is because we are both so relaxed, I could do my work and hold her at the same time so she could sleep…result is the happy baby and a happy productive mommy.

I apologize if this didn’t make sense, I’m writing and in a happy daze listening to her play and my husband talk about serious stuff on the phone 🙂

Almost time to go pick up my big girl too…I am so excited to see her, and I’m so glad we had so much time together in her first year too. I’ll be even happy when all four of us in our happy family is home after such a great rainy day.

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