Hunt for the Missing Eggs….

Okay, so it has been a few days since our chicken named “Glittery Sparkle” has been getting out of the yard…and after collecting eggs for a few days I realized that we are not getting her eggs! As you can see in this picture, she is on the left outside the chicken wire and the other three are in:

Escapee on the left

So I decided to go check it out, normally I’d just toss her back over the fence but this time I was investigating…

Through the vines

Behind the shed...

I thought it was fun that she kept following me, and I was hoping she might intuitively guide me to the eggs, but I finally had to admit that maybe I am not able to think like a chicken. So the mystery of where the eggs are being laid continues, and at this point I’m thinking I’ll send the kids in the backyard to start searching for eggs.

I couldn’t help but think she looked proud…I wonder if she knows she is fooling me…

Proud Chicken

Update!! We (He) Found Eggs!!

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