I want a “Hybrid Minivan”

I just found myself again googling “hybrid minivan” and it doesn’t look like we have one yet…as I get closer and closer to being a minivan mom I am watching closely…if you are interested in this too make sure you follow the comments as I’ll post updates there as I get them..and if you hear anything please let me know too!

I have heard that the Toyota Sienna has one in another country that is hybrid (see Toyota Sienna here) but that it hasn’t made it to the US yet. I am not aware of any other ones but am definitely keeping my eyes open. Sometimes even just out driving I see a new hybrid that looks like it “might” have two rows in the backseat…

With three kids though I am feeling like it is definitely more of a need than a want. I would love to be able to transport all my kids plus one or two of their friends without major planning, just saying. I can also imagine having some of our friends hanging out with us over the summer too once school is out, but that won’t really work with the vehicles we’ve got now…that I would happily trade in towards a minivan. I really want a hybrid minivan because it is what makes sense for both the environment and my pocketbook. My Mercury has been over $70 to fill up recently, and that is with the lowest grade of gas!

So yes, I am using this post as an informational post to pass along info that I get about hybrid minivans and to collect information from anyone who is kind enough to share it…I am hoping I’ll be referencing this one a lot as I get closer to bringing one of these hybrid minivans home.

Here is one article that I keep finding when I google “hybrid minivans” it looks like a site that is (hopefully) keeping up with this and that I’ll keep checking on…fingers crossed!!! If the hybrid model becomes available soon I’m totally in but I don’t know if I’ll be so eager if I have already made another minivan purchase…we shall see.

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