I <3 my Epsom Salts!!

Man, last weekend, just prior to moving into our new house I tweaked something in my back…it happened when I lifted my son either to the sink to spit out his toothpaste or when I set him down on the step in the bathroom to brush his teeth.

But however/whenever it happened, the next day, that back pain had fully transferred to my neck. Then we moved to the new house, then the whole “When Women Succeed” event and yeah…I have been dealing with this insane neck pain ever since.

Lucky for me, on Wednesday we had a masseuse come into the office, so I got a good 15min massage on my shoulders and that really did seem to help, yesterday during Thanksgiving I didn’t feel it much, but today? Today it was INTENSE. It’s the kind of pain where I try to say, lift my head when I’m laying down, to turn to the other side or something, and it is pretty excruciating.

So skip to the point of this post…Epsom Salts…Geoff and I had discussed the possibility of using them, I knew where they were, but I didn’t use them until today.

It was my first bath at our new house, and I only filled it about 6-7in or so. I poured the whole bag in, and kept the water low so that it would be as concentrated as possible. I soaked for as long as I could, and I’m not sure how long that was, but now, at least an hour or two later my neck is feeling SO SO much better.

I love that I know that magnesium is good for healing these sore muscles and the epsom salts are a good way to get it…I also have some liquid magnesium in the fridge that I’ll take orally tonight with the hopes that it will be TOTALLY better tomorrow.

Anyway, if you get any muscles that are either spasming pulled or just feeling like a big (or small hard) knot then I DEFINITELY recommend this method…I’d used heat a few times in the days prior and my bath was as hot as I can stand too, but this is lasting longer than any of those other heat techniques I was using.

I’m thankful for the Epsom Salts and all the massage therapists who have recommended them to me in the past!! I am getting better!!

While I was taking my bath I couldn’t help but think about how ironic it was considering so many people I know were talking about “brining” their turkey the day before…I LOVED being brined 😉

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