I Absolutely Love Being Healthy!!

Ok, so starting yesterday morning I started feeling better. I would say for approximately 36 hours counting back from when I went to bed, were my “sick time” days that led to this utter appreciation of feeling like myself.

Now I’m wondering, did I get sick so that I *could* appreciate that? I don’t know, but I’m happy that I do!! Yesterday I had the amazing luck of getting a WONDERFUL massage from a woman who is in massage school and needs to rack up some massage experience…she is taking a class with my husband and hooked us up yesterday…

Combined with being grateful for feeling healthy, I’m also SO grateful that only Hazel and I seemed to get hit with this nasty tummy bug…in other words I’m also grateful that not only did Kenzie and Geoff not have to experience the yuckiness, but also that I didn’t have to clean up any more vomit.

Ok, I can’t stop, there is more that I am grateful for. I finished reading a book last night that I received an early copy of from blogher to write a review of and I LOVED it. I’m waiting until there isn’t a squirmy baby on my lap to write it but I’m going to tell you now without telling you the title of the book…and that is that I loved this mysterious book….

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