I Am Absolutely Thrilled That My Bracelet Got Smarter!!

Love watching my sleep!

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I have a Fitbit, the one they call “Flex”. I got it for the holidays from my husband about two years ago. I had wanted one for a long time and so I was super happy to receive it. I was the most excited about tracking my sleep, reason being I “knew” that I didn’t get much but I really wanted to know how much I was getting.

When I found out that the Flex required me to ‘tell’ it both when I went to bed and when I got up, I was so frustrated! It seemed to me that there must have been some kind of logic that it can figure out based on my movement when I actually go to sleep. Two years go by and a handful of frustrated posts on the community site and then this week I got the email. I figured I either had to save up for a more expensive one or I had to just buy a different device with the functionality that I wanted.

Since then I’ve had a lot of fun with the challenges that I can participate in with friends and family that live both locally and far away from me, so I have grown to love the device even with this minor could-be-improved feature.

It was an almost casual announcement that with the new update it would be able to track my sleep for me. I was floored, and updated as soon as I could. I have been using it for three days now (it is set to just DO it, I am so glad I don’t have to ask for it!!) and the picture in this post is the result of that. I’m wondering if that took away some stress because looking at my numbers my sleep has improved each day since it started (mostly kidding, but maybe!).

I’ll go add some steps towards the challenge I joined for this week…let me know if you want to be “friends” on their site and do a challenge with me!!

Fitbit Flex

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