I Am Not Allergic To ANYTHING!!

“I have a stomach of steel” I used to say, it seemed I could eat a much wider variety of foods than other people without getting gassy (or worse!) and so when I was at a workshop that was teaching me about Empowered Living and the option to work with a Naturopath was presented I kind of thought it was funny. Most of the time my symptoms weren’t around, and I knew I ate a really healthy diet.

Because I knew about this stuff. I not only read the MS Diet book by Dr. Swank but I also had been an intern at Fitness Magazine while I was in school at Parsons School of Design and was also a consumer of other fitness magazines like Shape and even Working Mother which often had “healthy recipes” in it.

I went to get the tests. I didn’t want to be that person that didn’t give it a shot, hell if I could control my MS with something as simple as diet I was IN however I ‘knew’ that if I went with it and took the recommended tests they would see…because I am obviously in SUCH good health diet-wise.

Test Results Came In

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