I Got Smurfed!!

Hazel Who Bought Smurfberries from Smurf Village

Hazel Who Bought Smurfberries from Smurf Village

Oooh, add me to the “Smurfed Up” about In-App Purchases group…I was in the reception after the service at WSUU yesterday and a little tired so playing on my phone while my husband was doing some networking and the our girls played behind me with some of the other kids there. I hesitate to admit it, though I realize how funny it is so I’ll admit it, I was playing the Smurf Village game on my iPhone!

I downloaded the free version of Smurf Village with my phone via negotiation with Kenzie, I’d let her pick out a game that I later realized was kind of violent and so this was a compromise to eliminate the other game without debate…didn’t know I’d get hooked.

So I’m not THAT hooked, I wouldn’t dream of investing in it, so back to being all Smurfed Up about the game though, at one point I put my phone down to help clean up a mess the kiddo’s made, and while I was doing so my sweet little Hazel (almost 2) toddled over to the table and was looking at my phone. I thought it was cute then took the phone and my eyes got a little bigger…it looked different! She was looking at a screen for purchasing “Smurfberries” that I hadn’t even seen before! I went back to the game and saw that I had like, 375 more berries than I had previously(!!).

I navigated back to the smurfberry purchase page to assess the damage, I couldn’t find any kind of receipt or anything but it looked like she could buy a bushel of 250 and of 125 “Smurfberries” which I figured came to about $35…

Soon after I tweeted:

Capcom's Smurf Game let my daughter by hundreds of smurfberries!!

I got Smurfed...

Then tonight I was catching up on the tweets of the day and saw that I got a reply:

She got Smurfed!!

She got Smurfed!!

I went to her post and it cracked me up! Her damage was bigger than mine but wow, guess this has been going on for a while!

I saw she mentioned turning off the In-App Purchases which took me a while to figure out (see how-to do this HERE) and now I’m hopefully safe from any more spontaneous smurfberry purchases…

We will see!

How about you? Have you gotten in a smurf about any of these “In-App Purchases”?

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