I Got to Spend a Sunny Seattle Day at the Zoo!!

Of course the map was the most interesting part for my almost five-year old though ;-).

Wednesday is a day that I spend with my son and so when I found out my daughters class was going on a field trip on Wednesday I quickly went from being bummed I wasn’t available to go, to realizing that of COURSE I can still go. We saw all kinds of animals but it was a very different experience than when I go with my daughters. Rather than spending lots of time staring and trying to interact with the animals once we could see them in an exhibit he just wanted to keep going! We definitely saw some Lemurs and Zebras, I think those were his favorites:

I think he was really more excited at the prospect of “maybe” finding his sister and it was super fun once we did find her, they even ran to each other as if it had been weeks and not hours since they had last seen each other. I love this age that they are at, 4 and 6 for this, they have so much love for each other I love it. I wanted to be sure to blog about it so that I can always remember this time in case it doesn’t last long!


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