I Just Cut Her Hair

Wow…I don’t think I’ve ever felt quite like this, or maybe I have, cutting my daughter’s hair has always been a bit of a challenge. Shoot cutting anyone’s hair is kind of scary. I couldn’t convince her to get it done by a professional though because we did that ONCE and it was a horrible experience she will likely never forget as it seems to be imprinted so deeply in her memory.

I’m pretty good a braiding..and the whole washing/brushing part but to put it simply…

CUTTING CURLY HAIR IS NO JOKE (especially for a person with no training!)

Unless of course you have a really good sense of humor. She is admitting that I cut it a little bit more than she wanted, but she seems ok with it. She knows it will grow and she doesn’t like to make anyone feel bad. I’m still kind of paranoid and feeling crazy guilty though because I know her hair is still wet…and so will be getting much much shorter with her little corkscrew curls. Plus while “I” know that she is beautiful no matter how her hair is done…she doesn’t always see things the same way so that is the standard I’m terrified of not meeting.

I admit I feel a little better admitting how scary it was and how nervous I feel about it though. I figure the worst thing that could happen is she hates it, and then I’ll try and trim it up to make it more acceptable (if part of it is way to poofy I might trim the poofed part or something) and that will either fix it, or I’ll have to get creative with braids and ponytails, or she will let me find a good qualified professional to fix it. I will interview this person much more extensively than I did that first person too.

Time to go take my shower now and get ready to watch the exciting new Tinkerbell movie that recently became available/noticed on Netflix…I need to just release the worry and guilt that I feel and fill myself back up with love now.

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