I Love Craig’s List!! (craigslist.org)

So, if you have seen any of my previous posts for example the recent Santa Sighting, or maybe the Endings Lead to Beginnings, you know that my family is just coming out of some pretty hard times.

Fortunately we are on our way UP from these hard times, which I’m totally ecstatic about and feel compelled to write about how wonderful it is. Right now, I am sitting at our dining room table, Kenzie is playing on my other laptop at “her desk” which is also the end table in the living room, and Hazel is running between the kitchen sink and bedroom…Zazen is nursing on my lap as I type and Geoff is at a Kung-fu or Tai Chi class…I think it’s Tai Chi tonight but I’m not sure.

ANYWAY though, I’m writing now because I am realizing that I LOVE craigslist!! Knowing that at some point soon I’ll have a little bit of extra spending money to be able to pay someone to help me out at home with the kids etc. I searched through craigslist the other day and basically…even though money isn’t coming til the first check…I’m set and psyched!

I found someone who is a sitter/mothers helper for example who came over today…unexpectedly as I thought she couldn’t come til I could pay but YES she was welcome to come before then, and she did. Not only did a massive amount of dishes get done while I cleaned the counter/stove under them but she stayed and I was able to do even more! Put laundry away clean up the bathroom a little, made some phone calls I needed to make and so much more!! I’m absolutely excited to work with her more in the future, and I found her searching quickly through craigslist! I emailed about three people I think but she was the first to respond and probably the best, a local student and hopefully a new friend too.

I also found someone who specializes in de-cluttering and organizing too, and I’ve emailed her and we’re talking dates! Anyone who has been to my home knows that I have a lot of “stuff” I’m dealing with and could use some help so I’m very excited to work with her…especially with someone to watch the kids around!!

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