I Love My Moby!!


Loving Baby Brother!!

I have the Moby on for the first time since Zazen has joined us today and I’m loving it!! I found myself wanting to get some work done (gasp!) at the computer rather than my phone and was holding him as he was sleeping and it hit me…I have a tool to handle this!! So I asked Kenzie to hold Zazen and voila!! That’s how I was able to type this up using all my fingers and not just my thumbs…

I’m getting used to referencing my “kids” instead of my “girls” slowly but surely, and everything is going well aside from my impatience around being able to get around.

We have been staying mostly around the house, girls going out with friends and family (lucky to have awesome grandma’s around!!) and Zazen staying home with me of course, eating, pooping, getting changed, peeing as soon as the diapers off, eating, pooping, you get the point!!

Point being though using the Moby right now is a big help…technically I’m still supposed be taking it easy as I was given strict instructions to lift nothing heavier than the baby and walking/standing too much isn’t comfortable yet but when I am up for getting around I can hold baby and use my arms!! I’m looking forward to feeling better!!


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