I Love My Snails!!

For some time we have had a betta that Hazel named “Blue Hand” who lives in my backtotheroots aquafarm. I haven’t had much luck (yet) with growing plants but I think it will happen, soon I’ll be getting a grow light to have above the tank to support those seedlings a little better.

While I was experimenting with the plants and different seeds though my tank got pretty loaded with algae! I finally got a couple of snails the other day and for the first day or two didn’t see a whole lot of difference but this morning it was like they went on a spring cleaning spree while I was sleeping! There is still a lot of build up on the bottom of the tank but the sides and the water itself looks crystal clear!!

I LOVE my snails and appreciate all of their effort…and in the meantime while I’m waiting for my basil seeds I have a stick of bamboo, a cutting of jade, and I dropped a couple of pea seeds in the pots. I was tempted to get a water plant but held off because I want my plants to have all the nutrients they need to grow!

I had to share…I got the snails after reading the suggestion on the BackToTheRoots.com site…so glad they mentioned it!

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