I <3 This Chromebook I'm Using...

I really want a chromebook:

For the last few days I have been using Geoff’s chromebook and I’m going to have a hard time letting it go once he really wants it back, or when he *takes* it back I mean.

I love how it turns on when I open it, and doesn’t freak out when I close it. I love that it is JUST for using on the internet, because that is pretty much all I do!

I love that even though it is Geoff’s computer, I have my very own profile completely independent of him, and I can still log in and out of my various accounts on google as needed.

I love that it is skinny…I loved the tininess of my MSI Wind
but it’s not working anymore…I think the advantages of the Chromebook
are greater than that of the MSI Wind for me at this point.

By the way the only reason my MSI isn’t working for me anymore is that it was dropped too many times…almost thrown so please don’t take this as saying it’s not worth the money…it is. I would definitely take another of either, the chromebook has features I’m getting very attached to though.

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