If I Could Turn Back Time

Honestly I wouldn’t, at least not in the ways it is appearing to be turned back before my eyes. The travesty of the Hobby Lobby verdict is blowing my mind. I’ve walked in marches in DC and NYC for Women’s Rights and to see them stripped away by an employer, and that being ok by our SCOTUS, is totally disturbing. Who are we to be protecting women’s rights in other countries when we can’t even protect our OWN women’s rights? There are at least 149 FOR PROFIT companies seeking to follow Hobby Lobby in this sick game of coming between a woman and her doctor.

Sickest part in my opinion is watching the other news, and how all these kids that crossed the US/Mexico border we have recently ended up with because their families were trying to protect them from the dangerous gang activity going on in El Salvador and Mexico aren’t being embraced. In my opinion we need to erase those borders NOT reinforce them, EMBRACE those children because as people, as human beings living on this planet they are precious and worthy of being cared for. If they have family that is settled here in the US somewhere, then yes I hope they get to their family. If they don’t? If they were sent purely because they might have a chance at a better life here? I think there should be a way to apply to adopt and care for these children.

It sickens me to hear about kids being put in cages til we figure out what to do with them and to then turn the page and read an article about women being unable to get the birth control they need for a variety of reasons, most obvious being to avoid an unwanted birth. Did you see the article this morning of the woman who left a baby at a subway station in NYC Columbus Circle? At least that precious baby is being cared for, but I wish that as a species we could care for all of our children.

Count me in for a single payer system that takes our employers out of the health insurance mix, our health is none of their business.

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