Illegal to Keep Boys


Today was a beautiful but also a sad day. We woke up to the beautiful sound of a young man who found his voice, his mature voice and was stepping into his power to wake everything up. Our second (of two) baby chicks turned out to be a rooster in other words. Then we gave him back to where we got him.

Here in Seattle, it is illegal to keep Roosters. Ironic that the reason I like them, the natural alarm clock that they are, is part of why we can’t keep our lovely Reedy boy. My husband loaded him into a carrying case and I brought him to where we got him this morning, and soon he will likely be killed since they can only have so many roosters.

It made me think about two things. One, I wished that we lived a bit further out of the city so that having a rooster was not a big deal, and that boy chickens were allowed to live and fulfill their duties of breeding and waking us all up. Two, I was just frustrated that it is illegal for chickens to be here if they happen to be boys. I hear a lot about women being discriminated against but this is one instance that it is definitely preferable to be a girl.

It felt a little bit like I was giving away a pet or something, he was perfectly happy with us, wandering and pecking around the backyard etc. We watched him grow up and got pretty attached.

Soon we will be getting a hen. We know it is a hen because they will likely give us one that is old enough to be sure this time. We may even get another one this summer. I think we will make more of a chicken run in back first though, so they can have more space to wander.

We miss you Reedy and Cray (the first one to find his voice). Guess we’ll see you next lifetime! City Chickens are only allowed to be girls here.

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