Drawing, painting, sculpting, creating, designing, communicating and loving are all something that I feel I do very naturally. As a kid, the first art class that I recall being enrolled in was origami and as far as kid feelings go, I pretty much think it was orgasmic to fold the piece of paper in ways that it created something new. I can visualize the large ornament I made with papers that didn’t match but were each beautiful in their own way, I believe it took…six of them in sort of a cube shape. Anything creative I’m drawn to, which is probably at least part of why I can’t stop!!

Here are some examples of my paintings and ink drawings, more HERE:

These examples and more are all available on different items through my STORE which is separated by the ink drawings and paintings.

I always felt like I communicated most clearly using paint and ink to express myself. Words get jumbled and often can be hurtful if one is too honest, too aggressive, too passive, etc. I find that drawing is a much easier way to understand my feelings.

Recently I have NOT spent much time drawing or painting. I wanted to, and I’ve made motions toward doing different kinds of creative things, I went and got some beads and whipped up a few necklaces and earrings the other day, another day I bought some lino-board or whatever it is called to carve out a picture and make prints out of it…in my spare time.

Problem is I don’t really have spare time. I am with my kids, or I am worried about and frantically trying to figure out ways to make more money. I help with my husbands website, I work on my website, I contribute to content posted to my Moms With MS site or to various facebook postings…or I’m looking through the news and posting articles that I find interesting…somehow I never find time for what I really like to do, or what I say I like and want to do and that is to create, to write, to draw, to paint, to make.

First step is realizing you have a problem right?

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