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Just a quick note to ponder. I know that LinkedIn has this feature to get me to sign up for Premium (not interested enough yet) but it is quite intriguing. I have multiple people viewing my profile, on a pretty regular basis and it seemed previously it was often people I was affiliated with somehow, either through mutual contacts, local interests or something of that nature. More recently though I am noticing that the people viewing my profile, the few I am exposed to without paying, are almost exclusively from states and countries very far away from me!

I find this curious because I don’t know what I have on my profile that might be leading people to it, I am interested though. My desire to visit the world via travel might be closer than I thought! Travelling the world is something that I have always light-heartedly strived to do, ideally with my kids in tow (but I’m flexible!), and I’ve been able to taper my travel need somewhat by hosting students from other countries when I can.

Not much else to say aside from thanks to all who deem my profile worthy of viewing, feel free to drop me a note!

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