I’m Thirsty..What is up with the WATER??

Paying attention to all these controversial health topics as I do in preparation for my Medical Analytics Fantasy to become a reality I’m blown away by how much of what happens and why is a ‘mystery’. Not to mention that I’m pregnant and a person who drinks lots of water to stay healthy and hydrated, in fact I pride myself on it and I can hardly believe all that is going on!

I watched Erin Brockovich yesterday just for a refresher, I feel like I relate to her because I feel that like her, I’m seeing a lot of random connections leading to answers to really big questions. One part of the movie I noticed in particular was when one of the people Erin was talking to reported having Chrohns Disease, which like the MS I am diagnosed with is a mysterious ‘auto-immune’ condition and I can’t help but wonder…is there a connection?

So here is my quandry, in the last week a bunch of articles came out about the EWG’s report on Chromium 6 testing that showed that out of 35 cities tested 31 were above the limits!! This leaves much of the country knowing that their tap water isn’t safe, and will likely lead many of them to start buying their water in the store and drinking it out of a bottle but…

That isn’t safe either!! Look HERE at a study done on water that looks at BPA’s, Phthalates, Triclosan & other hormone disrupting chemicals, if you scroll down to the chart and look at the BPA (middle) section you will see that it is found in water bottles!! It’s effects on health include redurrent miscarriage as well as many adverse health effects caused by in utero exposures.

So what are we supposed to do now? I am not really sure…I am very fortunate that based on the map on the EPA site showing the results of the testing done on Chromium 6 the state and region that I live in (Seattle, WA) has very low levels, of course I also noticed that I didn’t see any of the dots indicating that any testing had been done, but for now I will trust they got their gradient through the use of some kind of data…

I did some research though and there is a site called BioPortfolio that had an article published about a week ago that the ZeroWater five stage Dual Ion-Exchange water filter is certified for the reduction of chromium…so if you are in one of the many areas that have high levels of chromium I recommend looking into that, especially if you are pregnant or have/want to have kids!!

If you haven’t heard of all this Chromium 6 stuff I also suggest checking out the movie “Erin Brockovich“, it’s a great movie and plus it has Julia Roberts playing Erin, so you know it’s good!!

What a way to end the year…sheesh. I’m going to go finish that hat I started knitting yesterday and sip the rest of the herbal concoction created to drain my overflowing sinuses…I hope it works.

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3 Responses to I’m Thirsty..What is up with the WATER??

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  2. Kersten says:

    Hey Kristin!! Can you re-insert the link to the article you mention in paragraph 4 (about levels of other contaminants in the water). Thanks, Kersten

  3. Kristin says:

    Thanks Kersten! I just updated it and here is the link too: http://www.waterfiltering.com/bottled-water/bpa-bottled-water.html

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