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Currently teams are being built for the launch and maintenance of a variety of sites that will be rocking the world of a lot of people soon!

To get started we are accepting advertising affiliates, 10 per project for the starting price of $25/mo for the first 6 months, if paid in full we will reduce the charge to $20 total of $120. Advertisements will be squares approximately 150×150 and will link to whatever page you feel is most relevant. We will also be posting our thanks via twitter and blog posts that will also link to your site. After we get our first ten lucky participants our rates will be rising accordingly. If you need help designing your 120×120 ad we can help with this for $50 as well if you send us your logo to format.

If you are interested in being a contributor or in advertising on any of the following sites please post a comment to this page, they will not be published, we will be contacting you about how we can work together from the information and details about what you are interested in there.

Please note that at this point all these sites do exist, however no promotion has happened yet, this is no indication of how popular they ‘will’ be it is a reflection of the fact we’re getting it all set up before the marketing sets forth. – @MomsWithMS
For MomsWithMS we are launching state by state resources that are focused or specialize in helping Multiple Sclerosis patients as well as services that help mothers or are owned by mothers (so buying from them definitely helps moms!). We will only accept advertising that fits within these parameters. You can purchase the ad space at the special rate here:

Ad Options – @SeattleHipMamas is an offshoot of our group on which reaches moms in Seattle (almost 300 currently) who consider themselves ‘hip’ in one way or another, on this site our focus is on improving the world which for most of us means we are politically active, entrepreneural, and stand strong by fellow moms in protecting their rights and well being. If you are interested in reaching us there are 10 ads available at these special rates available here:

Ad Options – @CCParents is a new and upcoming community serving the diverse neighborhood of Columbia City, providing tools to post classifieds, events, and of course for parents to meet and discuss whatever needs to be discussed! We are looking for local Columbia City businesses that have specials to offer or a desire to reach local parents as well as parents who are promoting their own businesses and services as well even if they are based out of the area but live in Columbia City. 10 ad spaces at the special rates are available here:

Ad Options – @SeaUrbanGarden is a community site for people who are or are interested in becoming Urban Gardeners in the Seattle area. We are looking for local experts, nurseries, and related businesses to promote their businesses to the local gardeners in Seattle, our goal is to make having a garden, be it on a porch, yard, or even indoors an easy thing for anyone looking to improve their life to accomplish. 10 ads available at the special rates here:

Ad Options – @NurseInPublic is a site promoting the rights of babies to eat in public!! We are just getting started and will soon be introducing some more bloggers, as well as promoting activist events and links to relevant resources to nursing moms. If you are looking to reach politically active naturally parenting mamas there are 10 ads available at these special rates here:

Ad Options – @ANicheToScratch or “ANTS” as we refer to it at home sometimes is focused on the success of businesses and cultivation of ideas related to serving a specific usually narrow niche market. If you feel your business is a good example of this or would serve this market, there are 10 ad spaces at the special rate available here:

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