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This is another one of those books where even just the title really spoke to me. It was the time after I left my ex and officially was a ‘single mom’. It was 2006 and to put it simply, I knew that things would be ok eventually, but they sure didn’t feel right in the moment!!

I picked up this book at Barnes and Noble, a place where I have spent a ton of money on journals/sketch books and of course self help books like this. At this point in my life I was supporting myself through a very undependable source of ebay selling a finite number of items and posters that I had acquired through a death in the family. I was living out of my car, the posters were in my trunk, and my daughter was 6 months old. I was staying with family and friends in NYC and in New Jersey for 6 months…and I didn’t know where I wanted to go. I had spoken to an attorney who recommended my leaving New York State and was in the process of evaluating my options primarily on the west coast.

This book had a calming influence on me that it was ok to sometimes just BE in the meantime, that life sometimes has its moments when all we can do is observe and make the best of what comes up. It was very difficult not knowing what (if anything) I was going to be making on any given day but I felt blessed that I got to spend it with my daughter, and that we had friends and family willing to share the space that they had available with us. Those six months eventually ended with me moving to Seattle with my daughter in 2006 and I was able to land a job within about a month. It really felt like I had landed when in actuality I was just starting another, much more bearable adventure.

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