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I feel it. I can feel that you feel it too.

I don’t remember when I drew this picture, but I know what it represents because I feel it with my husband frequently. Connection represents the feeling when looking into someones eyes the need for words kind of disappears, when two people are connected at a heart level and not stuck in their heads.

I think that lots of us are missing this in much of our lives, I tend to look deeply into peoples eyes when I speak to them and find it interesting to see who is and isn’t comfortable with this as well as how I can tell. I consciously will do the recommended glancing around at different parts of the face to let someone know I’m listening without making them feel too comfortably, for some reason though I’m most comfortable staring into someones eyes when I talk to them. When I meet someone who is the same way I usually find myself believing they must have a lot of stories to tell. I’m not sure why I feel that but I’m usually right, not that they are the only ones but they do tend to fit that description.

Either that or they think I’m flirting (I’m not) and it gets weird, so like I said, I do make sure to glance around a persons face when speaking with them…too much connection can get awkward I guess. I’ll save it for my lovely husband!!

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