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Sometimes when it's blurry I see better.

November of 2003 is when I drew, or “dotted” this picture. I really like drawing pictures like this (monochromatic pointillism?) though just about never do it. I don’t do it because it is very slow, and it is just too self indulgent to spend time just endlessly gazing at someone or something while tapping away on a piece of paper. Also it does require a lot of focus as well as stillness because if your model is moving it can be very difficult to capture their essence with dots.

I suppose it is a long standing fantasy of mine that at some point my girls will fall asleep perfectly placed in a dimly lit room and I will simultaneously have all the energy, time and supplies to draw really nice portraits, dotted or drawn. I haven’t thought about it for a long time but now that I’m digging through these old files and remembering parts of my self and what I love to do I think I better get a little stash of supplies together so I’m ready should the opportunity arise! Here is a picture I once took with the intention of drawing or painting it at some point…

Baby Kenzie Sleeping

Most beautiful thing I'd ever seen...Kenzie at 1 month and 1 day old.

I will keep my camera nearby…that way when these perfect moments happen I can record them like that and refer back…the ‘artist’ in me says that drawing from a photograph isn’t real art and that it is too easy, but the mother in me says that recording the moment is more important than whatever it is I do with pens and pencils.

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