Is Mom Really Rapping??

EyesIt all started out boring and regular as ever, I picked up my girls from school and then went to pick up a few things at the Wholefoods on the way home. We were all kind of tired and maybe a tad grumpy. We checked out after I got my stuff and some snacks for them and got into the car. On our way home our regular stations were boring…either fundraising, advertisements or just bad music.

So I started surfing…

When I first heard it, and stopped pushing the buttons I just paused…it’s not the first time I’ve been fooled by a sample being in a new song to be disappointed, so when I heard it I gasped (or yelled as my daughter tells it), it was Aaliyah’s song “Back and Forth from “Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number” (1994) which was right at the beginning of my “caring about music” phase. I thought she and Left-eye from TLC were the coolest women in the world at that point.

Then it happened. “Dear Mama” came on. Me Against the World by Tupac came out in 1995, I totally feel like his lyrics helped me survive some of the “hard times” I experienced that year when as a teen sometimes does I felt like it was me against the world, and so yes, I knew all the words and was singing/rapping along.

Final song of the ride home was one that came a few years later that I didn’t really like but absolutely had memorized from a summer when they played “Too Close” by Next just about every other song. Hilarious song to know the lyrics to but definitely not my favorite (for the record!).

Hearing those songs after being kind of deprived of MY music with my Generation X husband’s music and the modern pop music of my Gen-Z kids…I know anyone else who is a part of the Xennial generation that oriented a little more towards hop-hop than alternative music can relate to this post…I got so excited I kind of reminded myself of how my mom got excited when James Taylor came on…or my dad with The Who…lol!!

Seems like things change…yet they don’t sometimes right?

My energy boost was ridiculous…I felt like I’d awoken from a long long nap or something, I felt SO good, later on when my husband was out he called me trying to let me hear Bobby Brown “Every Little Step” that came on…and yes, while I don’t like him much now, when that song came out I was a HUGE fan. I think Geoff is already figuring out how to change my wake up system…

Only songs that would have gotten me more excited would be off TLC’s “Ooooh on the TLC tip

Keep looking for your favorite station/music…it is SO good when you find it.

I feel absolutely revitalized!!

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