It’s all so different….

My lil angel washed my contacts down the sink last night…so I’m wearing these VERY old glasses. My newer ones were broken a few months ago. I feel so vulnerable in glasses! I can only see what is RIGHT in front of me. I do think it’s funny though, it was hard to keep a straight face to take this picture….

Lots of stuff going on Kenzie’s daycare has a new management taking over, apparently Easter Seals just DID NOT CUT IT. All employees were trying to find other jobs, just to get AWAY from ES. We’ve got some good teachers and so we (parental board) are trying to get some of them back to try it out with the new management. It’s drama, I’m also looking into finding maybe a Montessori Preschool for baby girl, she’s young but I’ve heard that most waiting lists well, are about a year long so now is the time!! We’ll see.

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