I’ve got a BITER!

I don’t quite remember when this started, maybe when she got teeth but I have definitely got a little biter! My second daughter Hazel is who I am talking about and she gets wild sometimes. She will bite just about anyone who either irritates her or who she is having fun with including me, siblings, dad, and I think grandma too. Figuring out what to do to get her to stop has been a real challenge.

I remember when my first daughter Kenzie was in daycare being very judgmental and assuming the parents must not be paying attention or something. Now, I don’t believe that is the case.

She is two, that infamous age of terrorizing and learning, a beautiful and at times maddening age in my point of view.

Last night I found this article, much of which didn’t apply as I can only separate the kids so much at home. I did decide to start implementing the famous “naughty chair” however.

In the past it has mostly been coaching my older daughter to walk away from Hazel when she bites. I do believe that would make an impact but so far it hasn’t (mostly because she keeps wailing instead of walking away).

I really feel at times that I need about three more hands frequently. Hopefully the naughty chair will help. Getting dad bought into utilizing it will hopefully will not be as much of a challenge as getting him to understand the value of “either/or” choice technique with food (“do you want a or b” rather than “what do you want to eat?”).

I also think that my baby’s biting issue is likely related to the trouble she has sleeping that we have struggled to overcome. She snores to the point of us being concerned she may have mild sleep apnea and I know inadequate sleep can lead to a lot of things.

A whining five almost six year old will be the next how to parent challenge to address…whining BITES, almost as much as biting!!


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One Response to I’ve got a BITER!

  1. sherri says:

    when my kiddo was young and she started the whole biting thing, i tried all sorts of ways to get her to stop… nothing worked… until i listened to my Dad…. he said “Bite her back!”

    as soon as i did that, she stopped… never bit again….

    i didn’t bite hard… just enough to let her know what it’s like to be bitten…. didn’t mark the skin even…

    the same tactic worked with fits…. she used to throw those famous fits we all hear of … in public… sheesh

    so one time in Wal Mart, she wanted something stupid that i couldn’t afford at the time… i said no… she said yes… i said no… she threw her cute little self down on the ground and began raging….

    so i did the same thing LOL i laid on the floor, in Wal Mart… and began kicking my legs, waving my arms around, and screaming…. can you just imagine that? hahaha

    the folks in the store stared at me with such awe…. the kiddo immediately stopped her fit… got all concerned about me and what was wrong… then she realized everyone was watching… she became very shy and embarrassed

    never had another fit…

    oh and the people who were watching all this? they applauded… clapped loudly… my one and only standing ovation haha

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