Joined the Google+ Gaggle of Geeks

Alright, so yes, I have signed up for Google+, it has been a few days, perhaps even a week since doing so. As you know I have a newborn and so the days are blending together.

I’m on there, and like the concept, though I’m not really enthusiastic about it. Let me start with telling you my story of getting started:

Geoff was able to get in first, and it was through one of his invites that I eventually made it in (I wasn’t try too hard as I am not totally sold on reinventing the facebook wheel). Upon first joining, I didn’t quite get it. As with most things I let my experience, at least my first experience, go by intuition and I went ahead and fumbled through trying to figure out how it all works. I saw the distinctions between “aquaintences” and “friends” and started adding people to circles…thinking WAY too hard about who fit into what category and then adding a “Close Friends” category for my first custom circle.

I did not feel inclined to share anything though. I am an active user on many sites, probably most active on Twitter, Facebook, Ning, and a couple more as well.

Once I had categorized the people I had to choose from I wasn’t sure what to do next, so I added a couple of the “sparks” like technology and world citizen or something like that to my profile and then I kind of felt like I was done with Google+.

I talked to Geoff about it and then decided that it made more sense to categorize people similar to the way I have done on facebook, which is pretty complicated considering the number of interests I have. Unfortunately the thought of doing so just seemed tedious, though I do find the option to spread awareness about youth rights and my experiences of dealing with the consequences with everyone except my family appealing on some level.

So, where I’m at now is I haven’t taken time to fully separate everyone into the appropriate circle. Honestly I don’t really think it is worth it until I can full on filter my circles to say only share something with my friends in both my “Yellow” and “Blue” circles who are by this description my “Green” friends even if I have not a specific circle for them. I’m kind of finding myself fantasizing about the “if/then and/or” options for setting up exactly who I want to see what.

So, it’s good, but it’s not quite good enough or useful enough for me yet to really start promoting it’s usage to those I advice on social media. For those of you who ARE into it, seeing the value and want to get started make sure you have a really clear idea on who your friends are and how you categorize them.

I think I’ll start with my interests and probably just add the people who I think share said interests with me. Then later, at some other time, I will sort through the people already on there if I don’t delete them and then add them one at a time to simplify the process. I tried to do this using my iPhone and it didn’t quite work fast enough to continue past about 3 people.

How are you liking it? Let me know if you need an invite and I will hook you up, just write a comment and I’ll send it along (I will then delete the comment, don’t worry I won’t broadcast your email).

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