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I had an awkward experience this summer that felt like a good one to share.

I was at a family camp, we go for a week every summer and my oldest daughter (on the right) absolutely LOVES to swim in the lagoon that they have there off of the sound. I knew this ahead of time and made a point to be sure to bring everyone’s swimming suit, including mine, particularly since I had recently read the article that talks about how kids will remember mom playing, not how she looked. I was determined to be a “playing mom” and not a “self conscious mom” and to just Put On That Swimsuit! (by the Mom Creative). I packed them very carefully.

Our first day there, at this beautiful resort like place and of course she is in the water…we had unpacked earlier that day but where was my suit? I looked and looked and looked, no suit!! The kids were ready, and excited to go down to the water but…where was it??!!

Lovely sunset view from our cabin...

Lovely sunset view from our cabin…

So I looked at what I did have, and fortunately I had a few of my undershirts that I usually wear (spaghetti strap tank top) and I found a black one…I looked at my underwear and YES! I found some boycut ones that were black. I decided to wear both and if I needed to I could jump in…nobody would notice right?

I told my girls of my plan, and asked them to please not mention it, trying to assure them that nobody could tell. They seemed sure people would be able to tell, it surprised me how much they cared, so I pulled off my shirt and jeans, in an attempt to prove that it really wasn’t that bad! Plus, realistically I probably had more covered than I do with my suit! My 7 year old daughter Hazel (she was most nervous surprisingly) stated that it really “didn’t look bad!” and so down to the lagoon we went…

I did end up jumping in, every day right along with my mermaid Kenzie who was in there for hours a day every day. I wasn’t in that long because Hazel and Zazen had to be watched (and they kept leaving the water area) but definitely jumped in at least once each day. It was a hot dock and I thought the coldish water was great! I hardly thought about my swimming suit issue, and carefully made sure my shirt and pants got washed/dried out each night.

That article I’d read that I mentioned earlier just kept on popping up in my head…they were going to have good memories that included mom jumping into the cold water with them!! I am glad that I had packed under-things that passed for swimming…nobody ever said a word.

Kristin + Kenzie Treading Water

We were playing with treading water with only our legs, and lucky for me a friend took this shot!!

Oh, and we did end up finding my suit, the day before we left. I or someone put it on a hanger that my husband then put his shirt over and forgot…it was fun to finally have a real swimming suit on for the last day at least!!

So I guess the lesson is, don’t “just” pack a swimming suit, but some emergency back-ups as well!! Have fun moms!!!

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