Just Pack Up & Leave

Ahh…is it wrong that a sentence like that gives me a sense of relief? I’m not sure but it does, maybe because it is something that I have done so many times?

I’m not sure, I will think about it. But between me saying what I have to say and writing that sentance above I found an amazing video…and it is inspiring. It makes me want to move to Detroit (read the video’s comments if this doesn’t make sense to you) yet I am also looking at Belize…I’ll talk about that later. Here is that video though:

“If you eat, you’re in.” I love it…

Yeah…I’ll come back and add to this post later, maybe. For now that is all folks!!

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One Response to Just Pack Up & Leave

  1. Tremayne says:

    Yeah Im feeling that same saying just pack and leave. Hold up its wild in Detroit.

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