Healing Necklaces

White Howlite Necklace

White Howlite Necklace

After having my third baby, I found myself in need of some “smarter” jewelry…something that he could happily chew on that I felt good about wearing. I’ve always loved making jewelry but hadn’t in such a long time…I went to a local bead store and found what I needed to create my first teething necklace…soon this effort became a fascination with different stones, their meanings, their powers and what they represent! Soon after making my first necklace…everyone in my family wanted one, so now it isn’t just me, but my husband, and both daughters are wearing these as well.

Please sign up below for details about new necklace releases, packages, events and more! I will be sending out emails once a week to let you know of any specials that are going on and any new stones I have learned about or added to the collection.

Currently I have a limited number of necklaces available at: HealingNecklaces.info please come check it out!!

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  1. My Aunt recently puchrased a Teething Necklace for her baby and indeed, I call it a miracle as there as been an incredible alleviation of cries. Haha! Made us sleep longer too.

  2. Kristin says:

    Yes, we are all wearing one at my house…except for baby! He loves to chew on ours though 🙂

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