Know Your Zone!!!

20 Single Freesias MixIf you are gardening like me and want to make sure that you are growing stuff that will play nicely with your local climate…check your ZONE!

I’ve tagged all of the bulbs I added to the STORE that are benefiting my daughters school so you can be sure that you know what will work best for your garden!

So after you click on the ZONE link and find your zone…come back here, look at the right side of this screen (just scroll down a little bit if you don’t see the tags) and click on your zone to be presented with the flowers best suited to your location…

For example here in Seattle, depending on where I look it up I’m a Zone 7 or a Zone 8. Now I know what plants will work!! Yay!!

Thank you for any and all purchases helping our preschool to survive it is a co-op and so I teach there as well as send my daughter there…it’s fun!!

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