Kristin Tech Tip :: Making WordPress Home Page Static (not Blog)

If you are interested in making your hosted wordpress site’s home page one of your static pages (for example on I have the “About” page set up to be the home page) then here are the steps to do it once you have decided which page you want to have as your “Home” page that isn’t your blog:

Let’s get started:

1.) Create a new page (Admin -> Pages -> New Page) that will turn into your blog page, for example I created on just called “Blog”, and publish it.

Advanced Tip: You can skip this step if you want to hide your blog…posts will still be there. This leaves options to create pages that link to category pages and more! Only do this step if you still want people to be able to follow your blog which most bloggers I know do want, so I kept it in here as the default option.

Admin -> Pages -> Add New -> Publish

Kristins WordPress Tech Tips Adding Blank Page For Blog Posts

2.) Change the home page to the page you would like people to see when they first visit your site (Settings -> Reading) by selecting “A Static Page” rather than “Latest Posts” which is usually the default setting.

Settings -> Reading -> Static Page (Select One)

Kristin's WordPress Tech Tips :: Changing from New Posts to Static Page

3.) Be sure to then select the page you chose to be your home page from the drop down under where you selected “A Static Page” and also to select the blog page you made in step 1 to be your “Posts Page”.

That is it! Go ahead and publish your settings once you complete the above steps and then go check out your site!

Please share this with anyone who is struggling with this step and let me know if it helped you too by sharing your experiences in the comments below, it is one of those things that is incredibly simple and obvious once you do it but until then it can be very confusing!

Happy Blogging!

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