Kristin Tech Tip :: Turning Off “In-App Purchases” (iPhone)

Here is a tip that I heard about after I Got Smurfed yesterday and read in a post tweeted to me about how the same thing happened as well as the valuable tid-bit of knowledge that there was a setting for “In-App Purchases” that could be set…I didn’t see any instructions though so I started digging in my phone and figured it out!

Here is how to turn on the restrictions for these “In-App Purchases”:

Settings -> General -> Restrictions ->In-App Purchases

It is a little bit less than intuitive because it is in a section called “Allowed Content” so the correct setting seems to be “Off” even though you are turning restrictions “On”, I had to scroll around a few times to be convinced but that is how it seems to be.

Happy Conscious Purchasing!!

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