Kristin’s Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-10

  • Glad you like it! “@romans_mama: Cool twitter moms community: am browsing around at — join me!” #
  • has a hard time asking for money to research something caused by the source of the funding that will be promoting it…to put it nicely. #
  • is participating in impromptu wine tasting! #
  • Yummiest dinner ever containing salmon, potato, portobello, some green stuff..mmmm…thanks @geoster !!! #
  • feels like parenting, up until the night before kindergarten…has been an improv performance it feels much different now… #
  • just managed to pour boiling water on my left hand. Totally sucks. #
  • Parked outside southcenter babys r us while hazel sleeps…and it says it's closing in 9 days! Time to shop if you need anything I guess…. #

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